Quality Policy

EuroViet has been taking pursuing higher quality and self-promotion as it’s goal. At the same time, the operation of EuroViet is also carried out in a consistent with the spirit of ISO. EuroViet are striving to provide services to our customers with 100% satisfaction and zero defects.

Quality System

Since 2018, EuroViet is introducing ISO9001 certification.

In January 2021, EuroViet pass the ISO9001 certification.

PPAP include quality control plan, manufacturing work flow, PSW, packing plan, leakage plan, gauge R&R, FMEA, Cp & Cpk statistics.

QA Equipment

According to the ISO regulations, the inspection equipment is checked regularly and the verification records are retained in EuroViet. In daily use, the quality control personnel will also verify the inspection equipment in use according to the needs.